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What is the BARRE project?

BARRE is a prevention / harm reduction outreach project that works with MSM who seek out unprotected ( condomless sex ) on online sex apps. BARRE is an outreach project of the Real Talk Project Inc, a registered 501c3 non-profit that provides healh promotion services to MSM. BARRE stands for ( Bareback Assertive Risk Reduction Education ) This project is designed to outreach , provide education, PBU counseling , HIV/ STI , and service linkage referrals for high impact MSM. We provide intermediate risk counseling and keep track of trends, behaviours and risks. It is designed specifically to support DIS workers, HIV/ STI and linkage coordinators with additional information on sex partners, screen names, names , numbers and any other additional identifying information vital to helping health workers as well as the client in reaching out to partners who might be at risk. Through Collaboration and Merge special projects, it is designed to become part of a Public Health, CBO or Health Dept staff in assisting in getting sexually active partners tested or in treatment. Please feel free to view this site, learn more about the program and ways that we might be able to collaborate and or make referrals. The BARRE project is your online MSM prevention resource for education, outreach and referrals for HIV testing, linkage or supportive services referrals.

Our Services

The BARRE project provides frontline HIV/ STI, PrEP and PEP risk education, PBC for high-risk MSM`S who have anonymous and unprotected sex with differant partners, Our project is an evidence- based intervention that assists in health promotion and early detection of HIV diagnosis in new positives or out of care positives, referrals fo HIV and STI testing for those at risk or might have been exposed. We work with community- based organizations that provide these services and make direct referrals for services. According to a new publication, Sexual networking websites accounted as the initial point of contact to more than 70% of new HIV diagnoses and new cases of STI infection in Atlanta metropolitan area alone 2018-2019 and BARRE has the only evidence based model make these early detection referrals as well as provide risk counseling to those who are at risk to make better decisions. We are currently on 4 sexual networking websites as trusted Health Educators ADAM4ADAM - BARREONLINE " BGCLIVE ---BARREONLINE Jack`D ----- BARREONLINE " Grindr ---- " BARREONLINE "

Processes Followed

Once you reach out to us, we can schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns and link you over to the appropriate organization that can provide you with the assistance that you need. ALL MEETINGS and sessions are confidential and all information collected is protected by HIPAA and we a non-profit dedicated to premier health services, adhere to the those protections.


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